The Best Tools for Your Placement/Graduate Job Search

The best tools for placement/grad job search

It’s that time of year when all you’re getting asked is: ‘Have you got your placement yet?’. Or for us lucky final years, it’s: ‘So, what are you doing when you graduate?’. The pressure is real… If you feel like you’re stuck with your job search, try some of these online resources to help you along the way.

Torn between working client-side or in an agency? Check out these YouTube videos:

YouTuber Chase Amie prefers client-side whilst blogger Style with Substance recommends working in an agency for new marketeers. Your decision is personal – but both bloggers give good pros and cons for each in their Marketing career advice videos.

Style with Substance also has a Marketing 101 playlist, which includes a careers Q&A with the CIM, tips on building your personal brand and details on her own Marketing career journey.

Interested in a specific area of Marketing, like Digital, Content or SEO?

Take a look at Marketing Week’s Knowledge Bank for relevant, up-to-date industry insights. Talking about what’s going on in the industry is guaranteed to impress in your job applications and interviews.

Narrowing down your perfect role

Lots of job search websites ask you to search for a specific job title. Aside from the typical ‘Marketing Assistant’ title, there are plenty of other entry level job titles.

If you’re confused about which job title is right for you, this list of Marketing skills and their related job titles might help.

Need to revamp your CV?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you want to do, you can tailor your CV to the role. Follow our tips on how to ace your CV, then upload your CV onto this free review tool to get personalised feedback and recommendations for improvement. Obviously that won’t help with that well-known struggle of online job applications…

The best tools for placement/grad job search resume memeBuilding your online brand

It’s time to get your name out there, especially if your CV’s looking a bit empty. Writing with us is a good way to start… Plus the £25 Amazon voucher that you’ll get won’t hurt.

You can also publish articles on LinkedIn, which will be shown in the ‘Articles’ section of your profile. It’s a good way to improve your online visibility, and depending on your profile’s settings, your article may appear when your name is searched on Google! For details on publishing LinkedIn articles check out this guide.

If you’re already on top of the game and doing a marketing internship or work experience, try and get some public content published that has your name on it. It will look awesome in your portfolio!

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Network, network, network…

When we spoke to senior Marketing professionals Chris Bull, Amy Kirkland and Ash Scott, they all said that networking is one of the most important ways to accelerate your career. There are always networking events happening in and around Birmingham, s0 check out eventbrite and the university website to find some. 

LinkedIn is also a good platform. Raya Gunova, former BCU Marketing, Advertising and PR student got offered her graduate job at Gymshark on LinkedIn during her final year of uni!

Ready to restart your job search? We think that these are some of the best websites out there – just remember to filter your search by ‘Graduate/Entry Level’:

But remember, if you’re struggling, book an appointment with Careers+ for support about placement or Graduate roles. You will get there!

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