Who we are:

Features Editor:
Hi everyone!
I’m Lydia, a second-year Marketing student studying the Consumer Psychology pathway.
With previous experience working in a creative agency, with a focus on creating content, I jumped at the opportunity to be the Features Editor for The Student Update. Essentially, my role is to gather and elicit content from guest speakers and students, alongside writing the content I wish I could have read throughout my previous time studying. With one of my passions being mental health, my main focus is to produce content that helps you feel a part of our Marketing community whilst studying here at BCU.

Social Media Manager:
I’m Jake. My role on the Student Update is the Social Media Manager.
I will be overseeing both Instagram and Twitter to keep you up to date with new posts and stories from our amazing team. I’m 20 Years Old from London and I am in my first year at BCU, studying a degree in Digital Marketing with a passion for Photography, Travel and Musical Theatre. I’ve had previous experience working for a multimedia agency so am excited to have this opportunity to be part of the team at The Student Update. I hope this becomes a tool that you’ll be able to use for your studies as well as your own entertainment.

Content Manger:
I’m Laura and I’m the Content Manager.
I design and manage the content for the website. Currently, I’m a second year student at BCU studying Marketing, Advertising and PR. I love this course because it’s flexible and gives you an insight into all aspects of Marketing, meaning you can go into various career paths. I try to get involved in as many things as I can that BCU has to offer, which is why as well as my role as Content Manager, I am also a Student Ambassador. I often work the Open and Taster days, help out with BCU campaigns and have previously taken part in The Link, all of which you can read about on The Student Update.

Content Manger:
I’m Amber, a second year student studying Marketing (Advertising and PR), currently working as Content Manager.
I help to design content for the website whilst ensuring all key messages are aligned to the website’s branding. So far I have enjoyed my time at University. I will be writing content for the website surrounding student advice, ‘how to’ marketing, information on marketing yourself and much more. I am especially passionate about student advice surrounding mental health and well-being and I hope that it will help you during your time at University.

Project Consultant:
Hello! I’m Ryan, I’m a graduate of Marketing, Advertising and PR at BCU, and currently I’m studying a Masters degree in Media, also at BCU. Before starting at BCU, I worked as a freelance Content Editor for a number of online publications. As the Project Consultant, I’m bringing my expertise as a Marketing graduate and former Content Editor to help redevelop The Student Update. I’ll also be keen to share my experiences as a graduate to help guide students in preparing for their future career. 

Social Media Manager:
I’m Shailah, a third year student studying Marketing (Advertising and PR), currently working as the Social Media Manager.
I will be handling all things Facebook and Linked In, keeping you up to date with all the amazing thing’s coming soon! Whilst studying my degree, I used everything I was taught to start a very successful Brand through social media, which now allows me to sell products all around the world.  Alongside this, I have worked with small businesses, helping develop their brand through social media in order to gain them new followers, customers and clients. I am very passionate about marketing, and I can’t wait to use my experience to help redevelop the student update’s social media accounts.

What we do:

As we are students across all different year groups, we aim to give advice on a range of topics that you may relate too whilst studying, share exclusive tips from industry professionals and most importantly, express our opinions on all things marketing. The content shared is designed to be relatable and beneficial, whether this be academically or professionally, to give you an insight into the industry world.
With that being said, if there is any particular content you would wish to read through The Student Update, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why we’re doing it:

We are student’s that understand the importance of gaining experience, as well as understanding the significance of making the most of our time here at BCU.
The Student Update is a community built on our passion for marketing, so through taking the amazing opportunities that are on offer, we feel this is the perfect start to getting the experience that will help differentiate us from other graduates.